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Research, Statistics & Information Management

The Directorate is headed by a Director who provides technical leadership for conducting research, collecting, analysing and maintaining data as well as disseminating information on sectoral policies, activities and programmes.


  • Monitors and evaluates impact of the Ministry’s policies, programmes and activities on stakeholders
  • Conducts research on the Ministry’s programmes and provides information and data to aid decision-making relevant to the achievement of sectoral objectives and goals
  • Ensure the maintenance ofrecords of conventions and treaties of the sector, as well as library and sources of archival information on Ministry policies, plans and achievements
  • Establish and maintain systems and procedures to facilitate inter and intra sectoral linkages, information flow, client sensitivities and policy changes in Ministry matters
  • Monitors and evaluates impact of press and public opinion on sectoral activities and programmes
  • Establishes strategies and machinery for the dissemination of information and the promotion of the good image of the sector internally and externally.
  • Prepare periodic bulletins and publicity material on implementation of Ministry activities for stakeholders
  • Undertakes periodic review of public relations policies relating to overall sectoral plans and priorities
  • Liaises with the Client Service Unit to create systems and procedures to provide necessary information to clients and the general public.

Manage the performance of staff in the Directorate