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Ghana Receives LNG-Powered Container Cargo Vessel: First in West Africa

26th Jan 2024 | PR UNIT

 The Tema Port has witnessed the historic docking of West Africa's first Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Powered Container Cargo Vessel. This landmark event stands as a testament to the relentless efforts of the government and its commitment to expanding the port infrastructure while embracing environmentally sustainable practices.

The Hon. Minister for Transport, Hon Kwaku Ofori Asiamah welcoming the Executives of the CMA-CGM Line, in charge of the LNG-Powered Container Cargo Vessel to the shores of Ghana, said a series of accomplishments had led to this moment. These accomplishments he stated included, the expansion of the Tema Port and the Port having one of the deepest berths of 16 meters in Africa, the commissioning of the state-of-the-art gantry cranes and the groundbreaking for the second phase of the Tema Port Expansion Project among others had cumulated to the crew deciding to choose Ghana to be the first country in West Africa they would come to.

He added that these initiatives signify a strategic move towards modernising port facilities and accommodating the evolving needs of global shipping.

He said the arrival of the LNG-Powered Container Cargo Vessel to Ghana aligned with Ghana's commitment to the green shipping agenda. The government had actively participated in international conferences and initiatives focused on sustainable maritime practices, including hosting the IMO Green Shipping conference and participating in COP28.

“This event serves as a timely endorsement of Ghana's dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmentally friendly shipping solutions”, he stated.

He acknowledged the role of stakeholders in driving progress at the port. He commended Messrs MPS for their contributions to the development of Tema Port, by investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure. Hon. Asiamah continued by saying that this has not only enhanced the port's capabilities but also attracted significant business opportunities and further positioned the port as a key maritime hub in the region.

The Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to the green shipping agenda and pledged to continue providing the necessary support and enabling environment to promote green shipping.

The Lead of the Executives of the CMA-CGM Line said they chose to dock in Ghana first in West Africa because of the significant infrastructure and development at the Tema and the turnaround time of doing business.

He said they had visited other African countries but were impressed with the Tema Port because the port was doing better than a lot of the ports they had visited in Africa.