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Road Transport Services

Driver & Vehicle Licencing Authority

The DVLA was established by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority Act, 1999,Act 569 to promote good driving standards in the Country and ensure the use of roadworthy vehicles on the roads and in other public places.


Gov't Technical Training Centre

The Government Technical Training Centre (GTTC) was established in 1968 following a Technical cooperation Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Federal Republic of Germany to Admit, Counsel and Train the Youth of Ghana in the Automotive Trades, ie Auto mechanics, Auto Electrical,Auto Body Repairs,Welding and Fabrication.

Intercity STC Coaches Limited


Metro Mass Transit Limited

MMT was Incorporated in March 2003 as a Limited Liability Company under (Companies code 1963 Act. 179) to Provide safe, affordable, efficient and reliable movement of commuters within metropolitan and municipal areas. Shareholders of MMT include State Insurance Company, National Investment Bank, Ghana Oil Company Limited, Agriculture Development Bank, Prudential Bank and SSNIT. These together have 55% shareholding. The Government of Ghana holds the remaining 45% shares.

National Road Safety Authority

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) was established by NRSC Act 1999 (Act 567) with the mandate to plan, develop, promote and coordinate policies in relation to them.