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Vivo Energy Ghana Unveils Shell Helix 0W20SP Lubricant

1st Mar 2024 | PR UNIT

The Chief Director for the Ministry of Transport Mrs. Mabel Sagoe, has officially launched Vivi Energy’s latest product, the Shell Helix 0W20SP lubricant. She highlighted the innovative strides being made to meet evolving needs and promote sustainability in the transport sector.

Addressing the participants at the launch, Mrs. Sagoe expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the occasion, emphasizing the importance of innovation and adaptability in today's rapidly changing world. She underscored Vivo Energy Ghana's commitment to excellence and innovation, setting a precedent for pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

The Chief Director noted that the introduction of the Shell Helix 0W20SP lubricant comes at a critical juncture, with increasing concerns over the climate crisis and the need for high-performance solutions. Citing a fuel economy assessment conducted in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), she revealed that the efficiency of vehicles is directly impacted by the quality of petroleum products. This underscores the urgency for improved standards within the industry.

She described the product as a cutting-edge marvel of automotive lubrication technology, and the Shell Helix 0W20SP lubricant promises unparalleled engine performance and efficiency. “Years of research and dedication have culminated in a product designed to not only enhance engine vitality but also reduce the need for frequent repairs and replacements”, she added.

Mrs. Sagoe said the launch of the Shell Helix 0W20SP lubricant aligns with government efforts to transition to greener and more sustainable energy sources. She noted that with the introduction of the National Energy Transition Framework 2022-2070, alongside initiatives such as the National Electric Vehicle Policy, Ghana was poised for a cleaner and more sustainable transport future.

She commended Vivo Energy Ghana's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, emphasizing its role in supporting national goals for reducing the environmental footprint of transportation.

“Looking ahead, the opportunities presented by this new development trajectory are vast. Vivo Energy Ghana is poised to innovate, transform, and align its long-term strategies with future national plans, ensuring continued success in the evolving landscape of the automotive industry”, she stated.

She urged stakeholders to prioritize adherence to health, safety, security, and environmental standards, with a call for collective efforts toward carbon neutrality. The role of the Shell Helix 0W20SP lubricant in enhancing vehicle roadworthiness and promoting environmental goals was emphasized, underlining its significance in the quest for sustainability.

As the celebration concluded, congratulations were extended to Vivo Energy Ghana Limited for its remarkable achievement, setting the stage for a future characterized by innovation, collaboration, and sustainability in the transport sector.