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Deputy Minister for Transport Reaffirms Commitment to Aviation Safety at the Canso Africa Safety and Operations Workshop

29th May 2024 | PR UNIT

A Deputy Minister for Transport, Hon. Hassan Tampuli, has opened a three-day workshop for the Canso African Safety and Operations in Accra.

 The high-profile aviation operations and safety workshop commenced with a strong emphasis on reinforcing safety standards within the aviation industry. The theme for the workshop, "Recommitting Ourselves to Safety in Operations," highlighted the vital role of collaboration, continuous learning, and education in maintaining air travel as the safest mode of transportation.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Minister underscored the government's prioritization of aviation safety through significant investments in infrastructure, technology, and regulatory reforms. He said the goal was to ensure that every flight, every passenger, and every crew member returned home safely.

The Deputy Minister stated that the many economic benefits of aviation will elude the nation if we lose sight of re-enforcing safety and security protocols, as stipulated in particular in ICAO Annex 17 and related Standards and Recommended Practices (SAPRs).

He stressed the necessity of ongoing investment in state-of-the-art communication and surveillance equipment to enhance airspace coordination and safety. He noted that it was critical for continuous training and education for all aviation personnel, from pilots to ground staff, to keep pace with the latest safety protocols and procedures.

 “This workshop is therefore a great opportunity for us to come together and share our knowledge and experiences to further enhance safety in the industry”, he added.

Hon. Tampuli said aviation safety was a collective responsibility, and fostering a safety culture where concerns could be reported without fear of retribution was essential for preventing accidents and incidents.

He further noted that the workshop would feature presentations from Ghanaian mid-level experts, showcasing local talent and contributing valuable insights into aviation safety's best practices.

Hon. Tampuli noted that Ghana's aviation sector had shown robust growth, with passenger traffic increasing from 2,328,750 in 2019 to an estimated 2,914,661 by the end of 2023. Domestic passenger traffic on the other hand, increased from 690,314 in 2019 to 775,662 at the end of 2023, indicating a strong recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic's impact.

This resurgence, he said, brings challenges such as efficient airspace management, safety, and facilitation, which the government was addressing through strategic investments and policy support.

He reiterated the Ministry was committed to developing the aviation sector, as evidenced by recent infrastructure projects like the Nana Agyemang Prempeh I International Airport in Kumasi and upgrades at the Tamale International Airport. These initiatives aimed at enhancing the safety, security, and efficiency of Ghana's air transport system.

The Deputy Minister called for vigilance and proactive measures to ensure the aviation industry's growth and safety. "Let us continue to collaborate, educate, and innovate to position the sector to drive economic development, promote tourism, and offer employment opportunities", he urged.

He extended his gratitude to the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and its partnering institutions for organizing the workshop. He formally welcomed all participants, especially international guests, encouraging them to experience Ghana's renowned hospitality.

He wished all participants a productive workshop and looked forward to the valuable insights and discussions into the latest developments in aviation safety.